My Psychotherapy Practice

My Clients
In private practice I work with adults and young people (aged 14+). I work with individuals and couples. 
Issues I Work With
The sorts of issues that people bring to psychotherapy with me is almost unlimited. Nothing is off limits, at least for an initial discussion, and if I can't help I will try to signpost you to someone who can.
Depression is a common issue, from mild symptoms of lowness and avoidance to more severe feelings of helplessness and withdrawal from the world. Anxiety and excessive worrying, including having distressing intrusive thoughts, are also problems that respond well to psychotherapeutic help. Bereavement, loss and change, including redundancy and job loss, and relationship break-up, can cause distress that can be relieved by talking things through. Likewise, I am experienced in working with trauma, both recent and past, including trauma arising from abuse. I have experience of working with obsessive compusive disorders (OCD) as well as people recovering from severe mental ill-health.
How I Work
In my experience, every person that comes for psychotherapy is unique and its important that I work in ways that suit my client and the problems that they are coming with.
My main training was in  'Integrative Psychotherapy' and I draw on theories that link our past experiences with how we are in the present. For me, relationships are key. Often the work involves looking closely at the various relationships you have now and those you had in the past - with family, friends, colleagues and also with me as the psychotherapist. 
Sometimes clients just want to have space and time to explore their issues, at other times they might want a more pragmatic, solutions-focused approach. I am comfortable working in both of these ways. How we work is a matter of discussion between us.