Counselling for Young People

Young people can be faced with really difficult issues : family problems, difficulties with school, bullying, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, self-harm to name just a few.
Although you might be able to turn to friends, family and teachers for support, sometimes you need a neutral space to come and talk things through. Counselling is a safe, confidential place to say how life really is for you and how you feel about it. Sometimes just being listened to and understood is enough. Sometimes you might want to work towards finding solutions and thinking through different ways of coping.

I tailor my counselling approach to meet the needs of the individual young person - for instance you might want to have short sessions, the chance to work creatively with art materials and objects, or you might like the structure of workbook and other resources. Some people come for a few sessions, others over a longer period.

Normally (although not always) arrangements for young person's counselling is set up by a parent or carer. Once we have a contract in place I have very little contact with parents or carers because what we talk about in counselling is confidential. There are some rare exceptions to this rule, and I would discuss these with you when we start to work together.

My experience of working with young people is in private practice, a secondary school and an Agency that runs a Young People's Counselling Service. I have had training specific to working with young clients, but please note that I do not hold an accredited qualification for this work.